B.R.A.Z.D.A noisy cases as the dark wave swells The silence of animals the same moon to whom it may concern 50.50 mom where is the kitchen
Photo: Madalin Marienut
Photo: Doru Wilhelm Gombos
Photo: Madalin Marienut
Photo: Liliana Bock
Photo: Doru Wilhelm Gombos
Photo: Liliana Bock
50\50 talks about the power in male relationships. It is a journey through the understanding of sensations felt during contact. Sensations informs us who is stronger and who is weaker 50\50 can be seen as a business. In a business, nobody wants to lose more or earn less, this would be a false balance. The only way to feel free of these negotiations is through dreams. Dreams allow people to live extravagantly and with pleasure that goes beyond feign strength or weakness. Once installed in the dream, the fantasy is here to let fly our unconscious, and so explore our self in a world created for us, by ourselves, in which there is no balance, no weight, no gravity does not no love but neither hatred, a world built simply to live for a short time, and next morning remember just for memory or premonition.
premiere Underground Festival in Arad, Romania

Choreography William Sánchez H.

Dancers Victor Zapata
Ricardo Rodriguez
Jose Manuel Ortiz
Felipe Gonzalez
Raymond Liew