LORDESS B.R.A.Z.D.A noisy cases the silence of animals as the dark wave swells the same moon to whom it may concern 50.50 mom where is the kitchen
The contemporary dance piece LORDESS by THE GARDEN // performing arts, bursts full of life into the discourse on queer, sexuality, gender, constant transformation, and performance. The concept of the piece sees the body as a political discourse on stage, and the fine arts as the foundation for movement. Inspired by queer artist Lorenza Böttner, the play shows what is possible - under the premise: "the limits of creativity and art are not dependent on our bodies, or our idea of normality".
Choreography William Sánchez H.

Dancers Jose Manuel Ortiz
Clément Debras
Fernando Balsera
Mercè Mayor
Manuela Aranguibel

Set, Lighting and Costumes Clément Debras

Composition Lukas Tobiassen

Stage Management Mercè Mayor

Photo Simon Wachter

Funded by the fonds darstellende künste,
the Allbau Foundation,
the Essen Cultural Office,
beWEGEnd e.V,
Baedeker Stiftung,
in cooperation with SZENE 2WEI,
Theater im Depot,
Rü-Bühne Essen
and the in Hamburg.

©️ William Sánchez H - 2023